Stories Of Our Youth




Stories Of Our Youth

They gave up the fight long before you were ever born
It was as if it resided in the marrow of your bones
Where centuries were reborn
I don't anyone who works as hard as you
To kindly keep my anger fueled

I'm not their idea of beauty
I wont sit stay and come clean
They tried to sell me on their ideas
That they have everything I need

You ain't got anything I want
You sure ain't going to satisfy me
I see through your bullshit
So I ran as fast as I could, I remain free

Well the corporate clowns are in town
They want you to swallow what there already forcing down
Denying you your true potential to empower yourself
Brainwashing youth into thinking they should just be somebody else

If you think I’m going to let your words slide
Because I'm known for being so damn nice
Well, If you've never seen me get mean
Well, I sure put up a good fight

The difficult for me is maintaining
The focus and striving to achieve
My voice is soar from screaming
I'm filthy and bleeding
I have so much hate they can't hurt me

My soul has been beaten black and blue
So I'm not going to take that shit from you
So don't come over to give touch up's
I prefer myself dirty and roughed up

The things that I have been through - Stories of our youth
The anger and abuse - Stories of our youth
The scars I have are proof - Stories of our youth
The flame that keeps us fueled - Stories of our youth


from Black Earth, released September 4, 2015
Recorded By Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios!

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering!

Artwork By JXRXKX



all rights reserved


ABSINTHE ROSE Boston, Massachusetts

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter that grounds herself in the depths of punk while keeping the roots of folk, country and blues.

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