Black Earth


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released September 4, 2015

Recorded By Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios!

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering!

Artwork By JXRXKX


all rights reserved



ABSINTHE ROSE Boston, Massachusetts

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter that grounds herself in the depths of punk while keeping the roots of folk, country and blues.

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Track Name: Black Earth
Black Earth

When the darkness has humanity set in submission
I could feel my body resign
From a fight that’s been within this whole time
I recoil in reaction into the pocket of girl
Who is seriously rethinking her approach
Maybe we will survive this apocalypse of violence
And live among the roaches and the dirt?

There has to be more men and woman to keep this afloat
We need a resurgence of awareness
Of how our words and language
Perpetuate violence against the woman of this world
What do we leave behind?
What do we hope to find, when we allow each other to be
Examples of wisdom instead of following the ignorant down to their feet

When you don’t speak out you are supporting ignorance
When you don’t speak up you are then silenced
Ever thought, what is happening can’t be changed?
Ever thought, what is is all that remains?
I say absolutely not, let’s give it a shot
With love and solidarity

Black Earth, Black Earth
Before it gets better, it’s surely getting worse
Black Earth, Black Earth
Your need and greed, manipulation it’s a curse
Black Earth
Track Name: Bread & Booze
Bread & Booze

You need a lot of strength and courage
To fight the evils in this world
You need a lot of brawn and muscle
In your mind and soul
You need to walk without poisoning
The very hands that you hold

You need to surround yourself
With what really matters to you
Hold dear with what you know
Who are you going to live and die for?
Who will return the favor?

I know you've been working three jobs
Trying to put your kids in school
There has to be more funding
More funding for woman like you

There's nothing but them liars
There's nothing but them cheaters and the screw
They want to keep you from uprising
They think they have all the power not you

I see you brown bagging in the corner
I know you ain’t worked in ten years
I wish I had a home for you to lay in
A pillow for all your tears

When your hungry, sick of living
You need that bread and booze
Track Name: Step Right Up
Step Right Up

They started burning down the old farmhouses
Making room for the new
They began to kick out families of ill repute
What a shame, they don’t like me, like you
What a shame, they got nothing better to do
If you’re anything like me, you’d rather stop talking and do
Or next it might be you

Step right up and move your feet
What'cha got left to lose?
Step right up and show your teeth
You better stop talking and do
Step right up and move your feet
It’s time to stand and choose
Step right up and show your teeth
Or next it might be you

The grim look of the land
After the bank took away your life
Promises Unheard
Not even muttered twice
What a shame, they don’t like me, like you
What a shame, they got nothing better to do
If you’re anything like me
You’d rather stop talking and do
Or next it might be you

The harvest didn’t come in
All the famers are starving
So they began bootlegging
Why don’t you come on in?
What a shame, they don’t like me, like you
What a shame, they got nothing better to do
If you’re anything like me
You’d rather stop talking and do
Or next it might be you
Track Name: Roots of Anarcho
Roots Of Anarcho

Wisdom over money, compassion over greed
They may never understand you, they aint never understood me

You can travel across this country and find your home
In the empty nest of a city and it’s rotten history

Because we know another world is possible
These are the Roots Of Anarcho

So fuck it, well I don’t care what you think of me
I’m disgusted; the gap between the poor is too deep
You can’t be trusted and I refuse to fall to my knees
My strings are rusted but they still play for me

And I stand with integrity, and I demand my rights
Yeah, and I stand rooted in my beliefs and I demand equality
What I have sacrifice to keep my spirit clean
I’d do it again and again, to ensure that even
The most down that I’ve ever been
I’m still here, I’m still grinning
Track Name: Little Folk Sista
Little Folk Sista

I have weapons, crystals and spells
I have full moon rituals
(A) Tribe of sisters of owls
And we still speak to tress

I come from a long line of strong woman beat down
Till their only amount of will, carried them across state line
Running from everybody but themselves
Seeking strength with other women

We fight back from a sacred place within
The ebb and flow of an ocean
Where the light of the moon makes you moan
Where the light of the moon makes you moan

Little Folk Sista keep fighting for what you love
Little folk Sista keep fighting for what you won’t put up with

Keep fighting for what you love
Keep fighting for all of us
Like a warrior you shall over come
You are a warrior you shall over come

Like a warrior you shall over come any situation my friends
And I fight along side you with appreciation
Like a warrior you shall overcome!
Track Name: Arrow Wind
Arrow Wind

Sometimes I feel like letting go
Like I’ve lost my self-control
Like I’m done feeling vulnerable
Like I’m lost on this impervious road
I’m not resistant anymore,
I’m disguised, Incognito
That’s what I say if you must know
That’s what I saw because I don’t know
If I’m leading this pack or if I’m just being followed

The arrows don’t make sense anymore
And If your approaching please take care
I’m in no place to talk right now
The arrows pointed backwards
And I’m too damn old and tired
To bend my ways I’m grounded in my morals
And you might be able to teach this dog a new trick
But I’m not gonna beg you for it
Nor am I going to implement actualized
Rules about what I’m doing wrong
Rules about what you should have done
Rules about what you think I’m on
Expressing myself with the filters off

Oh hey girls, ain’t it a funny thing? Arrow Wind
Oh hey boys, ain’t it a funny thing? Arrow Wind

Well I cuss and I raise hell and I’m not afraid to cry
I just hate being wet feeling me up with pain
As if I were a running faucet
How hard would it be?
To see the reflections of you in little old me?

Well I said I never gave in but I surely gave up
On the idea that I could make you wake the hell up
And the damage you insist in living in
It’s enough make sick, so I’m through dealing with it

Oh hey girls, ain’t it a funny thing?
Track Name: Let's Find A Solution
Let’s Find A Solution

Let’s find, let’s find a solution
Let’s find, let’s find a solution now

Let’s hold one another up like no other
No master’s, only mother’s now
All the beds are full, in the jail, shelters too
Let’s find, let’s find a solution now

Their Tearing down our home don’t you see it?
Their tearing down our home bare witness
I guess I should have burned it down

We have mouths to feed ya’ll
We have no seed seeds ya’ll
Let’s find, let’s find a solution now
All this talk but nothings getting done
Arguing but they’re all wrong
Let’s find, let’s find a solution now
Track Name: Sequoia

All the energy I put out on it
Well I’m exhausted and I stood back
Watched it all unraveling, something I help built
Completely collapsed, completely
Completely collapsed, complete me

You talked me out of this one
Yeah, I sure see that now
He wasted no time, poured a drink for two
Some things don’t change, some things do

Well I’ve had enough of the whole human race
All the habitual violence that takes place
Where’s this education that we crave?
I mean who, who am I to say?

Got some dents some broken bones
I guess what doesn’t kill ya, well the rest you know
I just wanna live on my own terms, I just want blue sky sunrise
I just want fresh soil and wet Earth

Evidence was taken, soon it will be examined
Looks like for a second we went belly up
Well these people aren’t our friends
They say we are just workman
They knock us down, we just get up again
Not gonna grin or bare it
Not going to submit or appease
I’m a real woman, I don’t belong anywhere
Except on my feet

My jaw aches from holding back what I wanted to say
I guess my actions will have to carry this weight
I want march through hell with our hands held together
Like a band of rebels we form a tight bond, a tight bond

Step back and look it ain’t no surprise
Better start living before you die
Upon this big picture we call life
I see no end just a celebration of lights
And I want to invite you to join our fight
To make what’s wrong, into something right!

Gotta stand like a Sequoia in order to walk away
Don’t believe them sisters, you don’t have to stay
Gotta stand like a Sequoia in order to walk away
Don’t believe them brothers, you don’t have to stay
Till all the buildings crumble
And we'll make forts from all the filth and rubble
Yeah we'll make forts from all the filth and rubble
Track Name: Stories Of Our Youth
Stories Of Our Youth

They gave up the fight long before you were ever born
It was as if it resided in the marrow of your bones
Where centuries were reborn
I don't anyone who works as hard as you
To kindly keep my anger fueled

I'm not their idea of beauty
I wont sit stay and come clean
They tried to sell me on their ideas
That they have everything I need

You ain't got anything I want
You sure ain't going to satisfy me
I see through your bullshit
So I ran as fast as I could, I remain free

Well the corporate clowns are in town
They want you to swallow what there already forcing down
Denying you your true potential to empower yourself
Brainwashing youth into thinking they should just be somebody else

If you think I’m going to let your words slide
Because I'm known for being so damn nice
Well, If you've never seen me get mean
Well, I sure put up a good fight

The difficult for me is maintaining
The focus and striving to achieve
My voice is soar from screaming
I'm filthy and bleeding
I have so much hate they can't hurt me

My soul has been beaten black and blue
So I'm not going to take that shit from you
So don't come over to give touch up's
I prefer myself dirty and roughed up

The things that I have been through - Stories of our youth
The anger and abuse - Stories of our youth
The scars I have are proof - Stories of our youth
The flame that keeps us fueled - Stories of our youth
Track Name: Trouble

Where the night follows you
To every seedy joint you dragged me to
Not the good stuff, not the same
Oh how I have no one else to blame
They’re caring the casket
They’re marching strong
Well they’ll be up till the morning ring of dawn

Oh how I can’t forget when she moved out of Portland
Love isn't cooking, the sting is a bite
A venomous poison, in the moonlight

Oh how I can’t forget, the first time I laid eyes on her
She was smoking a cigarette
She asked about my scars and my tattoos
She said do you have any regrets?
I said yeah, just a few

Afraid of what got you here
The salt of your very own tears
No faith that the sun will still shine on your face
The wind would carry you away
Such thoughts render as you disappeared
Well if I had a choice I would have made you stay here

Well if I don't get up from this
I want the ember in my veins
To cast shadows of ash
Watch it all go up in flames
Because I'm utterly disappointed
Reflecting on her pale of her skin
I reap the aroma of her death my original sin

I harvest the memories from a poisoned well
Cascading emotion, and if she would have told me she was falling
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, my Michelle
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, my Michelle

She says what the hell do they know
They lock us up when we need it the most
What, you never stolen before?
In the corners of the dark where the seeds don't grow?
The money isn't coming in
But I'm looking for work, but no luck
They say it isn't personal, yeah, what the...

I have yet to see the difference in their control
I’m sick and tired of feeding from the bottom of the barrel
I'm devastated I have to eat alone
But they cast away all my friends
That had fierce expectations of a world in which we live
So I rode into town on a railroad train
Far from the city, far from everyone I know
I don't miss a damn thing at all!
Track Name: This Is Enough
This Is Enough

Let’s face it, this world is crashing and burning down
And all around us, this world is dying, trying to get out
Trying to get out

The Earth is an awfully mistreated place
It's time to put back what we take
No matter how long we must repay
For the greed and need each and everyday
Step up, and choose your involvement
Step back, you’re against the wall
And pick your already fighting
So which side do you hate more

I’m ready for what I’m sick of putting up with
I need solidarity, seeds and soil
I need a safe place where we can grow our ideas
But uniting to cause fuss for causing a fight
Instigating retaliation is the first pin that drops
And if you listen carefully you can hear the voices screaming
This Is Enough

This is fucking crazy; we need to give a shit
How this effects the next generation of kids
So why should we give in to the powers they display
When their betraying Earth and us all the same
All the poisons that they gave us
They said were safe
I say give them hell and make them feel our hunger
Howl, Howl, Howl and Howl
And if you listen carefully you can hear the voices screaming
This Is Enough

We’re so caught up in our own shit
Do you think we could have stopped this?
What about the pollution? Random shooting?
Bulling kids into deep depression?
Who wants to live like that? Not me!
I want to be free from intimidation, violence, and poverty
Is it any wonder I keep a weapon strapped to my boot?
This world in which we create is abusive and insulting
It enrages me each and everyday
All this cruelty and injustice has a way
Of belittling our very hopes and dreams
That, we so desperately cling
it is non stop, never ending
A recurrent of the same distain
Destructive behavior crippling our very work
It’s discouraging but without you I can’t even look at the world.

If you listen carefully you can hear our voices screaming
I have had enough!

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