Arrow Wind




Arrow Wind

Sometimes I feel like letting go
Like I’ve lost my self-control
Like I’m done feeling vulnerable
Like I’m lost on this impervious road
I’m not resistant anymore,
I’m disguised, Incognito
That’s what I say if you must know
That’s what I saw because I don’t know
If I’m leading this pack or if I’m just being followed

The arrows don’t make sense anymore
And If your approaching please take care
I’m in no place to talk right now
The arrows pointed backwards
And I’m too damn old and tired
To bend my ways I’m grounded in my morals
And you might be able to teach this dog a new trick
But I’m not gonna beg you for it
Nor am I going to implement actualized
Rules about what I’m doing wrong
Rules about what you should have done
Rules about what you think I’m on
Expressing myself with the filters off

Oh hey girls, ain’t it a funny thing? Arrow Wind
Oh hey boys, ain’t it a funny thing? Arrow Wind

Well I cuss and I raise hell and I’m not afraid to cry
I just hate being wet feeling me up with pain
As if I were a running faucet
How hard would it be?
To see the reflections of you in little old me?

Well I said I never gave in but I surely gave up
On the idea that I could make you wake the hell up
And the damage you insist in living in
It’s enough make sick, so I’m through dealing with it

Oh hey girls, ain’t it a funny thing?


from Black Earth, released September 4, 2015
Recorded By Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios!

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering!

Artwork By JXRXKX



all rights reserved


ABSINTHE ROSE Boston, Massachusetts

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter that grounds herself in the depths of punk while keeping the roots of folk, country and blues.

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