Where the night follows you
To every seedy joint you dragged me to
Not the good stuff, not the same
Oh how I have no one else to blame
They’re caring the casket
They’re marching strong
Well they’ll be up till the morning ring of dawn

Oh how I can’t forget when she moved out of Portland
Love isn't cooking, the sting is a bite
A venomous poison, in the moonlight

Oh how I can’t forget, the first time I laid eyes on her
She was smoking a cigarette
She asked about my scars and my tattoos
She said do you have any regrets?
I said yeah, just a few

Afraid of what got you here
The salt of your very own tears
No faith that the sun will still shine on your face
The wind would carry you away
Such thoughts render as you disappeared
Well if I had a choice I would have made you stay here

Well if I don't get up from this
I want the ember in my veins
To cast shadows of ash
Watch it all go up in flames
Because I'm utterly disappointed
Reflecting on her pale of her skin
I reap the aroma of her death my original sin

I harvest the memories from a poisoned well
Cascading emotion, and if she would have told me she was falling
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, my Michelle
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, my Michelle

She says what the hell do they know
They lock us up when we need it the most
What, you never stolen before?
In the corners of the dark where the seeds don't grow?
The money isn't coming in
But I'm looking for work, but no luck
They say it isn't personal, yeah, what the...

I have yet to see the difference in their control
I’m sick and tired of feeding from the bottom of the barrel
I'm devastated I have to eat alone
But they cast away all my friends
That had fierce expectations of a world in which we live
So I rode into town on a railroad train
Far from the city, far from everyone I know
I don't miss a damn thing at all!


from Black Earth, released September 4, 2015
Recorded By Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios!

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering!

Artwork By JXRXKX



all rights reserved


ABSINTHE ROSE Boston, Massachusetts

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter that grounds herself in the depths of punk while keeping the roots of folk, country and blues.

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