All the energy I put out on it
Well I’m exhausted and I stood back
Watched it all unraveling, something I help built
Completely collapsed, completely
Completely collapsed, complete me

You talked me out of this one
Yeah, I sure see that now
He wasted no time, poured a drink for two
Some things don’t change, some things do

Well I’ve had enough of the whole human race
All the habitual violence that takes place
Where’s this education that we crave?
I mean who, who am I to say?

Got some dents some broken bones
I guess what doesn’t kill ya, well the rest you know
I just wanna live on my own terms, I just want blue sky sunrise
I just want fresh soil and wet Earth

Evidence was taken, soon it will be examined
Looks like for a second we went belly up
Well these people aren’t our friends
They say we are just workman
They knock us down, we just get up again
Not gonna grin or bare it
Not going to submit or appease
I’m a real woman, I don’t belong anywhere
Except on my feet

My jaw aches from holding back what I wanted to say
I guess my actions will have to carry this weight
I want march through hell with our hands held together
Like a band of rebels we form a tight bond, a tight bond

Step back and look it ain’t no surprise
Better start living before you die
Upon this big picture we call life
I see no end just a celebration of lights
And I want to invite you to join our fight
To make what’s wrong, into something right!

Gotta stand like a Sequoia in order to walk away
Don’t believe them sisters, you don’t have to stay
Gotta stand like a Sequoia in order to walk away
Don’t believe them brothers, you don’t have to stay
Till all the buildings crumble
And we'll make forts from all the filth and rubble
Yeah we'll make forts from all the filth and rubble


from Black Earth, released September 4, 2015
Recorded By Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios!

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering!

Artwork By JXRXKX



all rights reserved


ABSINTHE ROSE Boston, Massachusetts

Absinthe Rose is a politically charged lyrical and personal songwriter that grounds herself in the depths of punk while keeping the roots of folk, country and blues.

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